Jon Atherton doesn't pay

Jon Atherton threats by mail

doesn’t pay but threats by mail !

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jon Atherton <>
Date: 2010/10/13
Subject: cease and desist
Cc: Ashley Tiplady <>

Without Prejudice
Attention:  hostmaster
I have been informed that you are making claims on the web regarding our business. I have taken screenshots and video as documentary evidence. I also have emails and letters from people who have read your website material.
These claims are false and misleading. They have caused us significant financial damage.
I hereby demand that the websites below are removed immediately. I reserve our rights with respect to legal action to recover damages, and it may be appropriate to commence libel action in the UK where I understand their laws to be quite onerous!
From: Jon Atherton

Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 1:38 PM
Subject: Re: cease and desist
Please yourself, we’ll get a judgement and next time you visit a western country you’ll be picked up at the border to pay the judgement debt…
The fact is you are wrong, you have the wrong guy, I don’t offer to pay for comments on tiny little blogs, I had written up for free on major tech blogs, why would I pay for listing on random small blogs – how could it be close to economical to pay for listing an app that sells for just $0.99 !!!!!!!
—– Original Message —–

From: Jon Atherton
How about you publish this too? I hope you don’t plan to visit the uk any time in your life? France is not so far from the uk…
Quoted from article above:

It is my understanding that neither Arrington nor Interserve chose to defend the case in the UK courts and having given notice that they would not do so are precluded from raising a viable appeal. This means that under UK law, Arrington/Interserve are liable for any final monetary damages and costs the court chooses to award.

Further since this will constitute a debt to the court, should Arrington attempt to enter the UK without first having settled the matter, he might be liable to immediate arrest and incarceration..

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