Jon Atherton doesn't pay

Jon Atherton is not Jon Atherton

Here are the answers of about  mail sent by ..
Too funny ..
In spirit of , if someone rapes a woman, the responsible is the woman ;-) )
In this case, send to people who didn’ t recevie money.
doens’t try to find who is behind and signs
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Is it too difficult ? or is not ? or is 2 in ONE body ???
Summum: says that he didn’t sent proposal for 300 $ because is for 0,99 US$ but 2 mails later, (the rela or not) says that he lost million of dollars …
—– Original Message —–
From: Jon Atherton
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 12:01 AM
Subject: Re: cease and desist
1. A business rival I would guess sent the email, although I have no idea. I don’t have any information about the email except what you say. I know I didn’t send it, we have our own mail account and have not heard of the one you refer to. It is important to know that YOU will have to defend yourself and PROVE what you say is true, I don’t have to prove anything except that you have caused me damage, which is fully documented. What is more if I did send it I would have provided full contact details and links to material that could be used to promote our app. Our app is only $0.99, since we only get a few hundred installs when we get a mention on tech crunch we’d only get 10-20 on a very small blog, clearly this would not work for us. Importantly I’d also ask for traffic numbers before paying for any advertising.
2. I don’t know who sent the email, so I cannot ask them to do anything. Importantly – although they may have misrepresented me, they have not said anything about me – you have – and what you have said is libelous and damaging – we have just lost an app contract with a major company because of what you have written, that contract was worth a great deal. You are responsible for this loss.
3. I have written comments on your blog multiple times with my details and my side of the story – these comments were deleted by the blogger and ignored. I have now engaged lawyers who told me to write an email to the Whois contact, they have spoken to UK lawyers who are preparing advice now.
4. It isn’t threatening. I have told you that you have said something incorrect and asked you to remove it to reduce the damage that is continuing. I have also told you what penalties apply in the UK where we have commenced legal action. No threats. On the other hand you are demanding money with menaces and blackmail – it is easy to prove that with the emails you have sent – that is a criminal matter, not civil – you demanded I pay you money and if I don’t you will continue to cause me damage by writing lies on your website.
The simple thing for you to do is close down the website and remove the pages immediately.
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On 13/10/2010, at 10:29  to
If you didn’t send the mail:
- who sent the mail ?
- why you don’t the poeple who sent the mail ?
- why you don’t KINDLY ask and EXPLAIN the situation ?
- why your mail is only threating ?
You want to ? Then you have to be able to support reaction ..
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